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The Starbus

Every Sunday morning we have about 45 minutes between early service and our Sunday school class. This is a perfect opportunity for couples and families to hang out, get to know each other in a deeper way, and welcome newcomers to the church. Then again, it's an even better opportunity for 8 guys to hop in a 7-passenger van and head for the nearest Starbucks.

This is a perfect opportunity to discuss the nuances of this week's sermon and how it applies to the week ahead. Then again, this is a once-a-week chance to learn how not to wire a 6500 watt theatrical light, review the best of last week's late night comedy, and solve three or four pressing national issues before an overworked barista can prepare a dozen lattes to go.

The short ride back is filled with the intoxicating aroma of arabica beans and the first effects of the triple-shot brew. This is a perfect opportunity to wax philosophical and bemoan the lack of Christian influence in art, film and literature. Then again, more practical matters usually surface, such as which car model offers the optimum cup holder design and provides the best anti-blurp suspension.

Coffee in hand and handed out, we take our seats in a comfortable setting designed for relaxed discussion and dialogue. This is a perfect opportunity to systematically talk through the thoughtfully prepared conversation starter materials in the church bulletin. Then again, when else does an eclectic group of 25 adults get a chance to argue, cajole, debate, contradict and pontificate with few repercussions and still be friends when we're done?

I've missed plenty of opportunities along the way, but we've all been given the opportunity of a lifetime. And a lifetime is a perfect opportunity to explore new territory, make great friends, and discover what God had planned all along.

Posted October 7, 2009
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